Food And Drink Page

I added a food and drink page today. It will cover foods, beverages, restaurants and related areas. Colombia and the Medellin area are wonderful places to eat. Both traditional and international cu sines are available in abundance. As with most of the blog to date it is a work in progress. Please check back during the following weeks and months as new information is added. The restaurant sub-page is likely to grow for years 🙂

Food and our attitudes towards it are largely cultural. The places we grow up and the places our families originated are important factors in the formation of our attitudes toward this most basic human pleasure. Families are the main drivers for the creation of food preferences. Much of my apprication for Colombian dishes is the result of my marriage to Nubia, a quintessential Colombian and Antioqueña.

This being the case, my knowlage of Colombian food is greatly influenced by what Nubia has taught me and what her mother, and grandmother ad infinitum cooked and enjoyed. I hope you will forgive this bias and accept my observations in this context.



  1. Bill Millberger said,

    January 25, 2010 at 17:17

    I had to laugh when you mentioned that food is so influenced by culture. I was reminded of the time I tried to introduce my Paisa wife and step-daughter to scrapple. Being a Philadelphia boy, I think scrapple is a very tasty dish, served either with ketchup or maple syrup. My new wife and daughter thought otherwise in the extreme. They still watch in some discomfort anytime I eat scrapple. (I think the addition of syrup really drives them up a wall). However I feel the same way about Mondongo, so I guess we’re even.

  2. islaverde said,

    August 19, 2009 at 21:14

    I am certainly looking forward to seeing pictures of drool inducing yummy delights from Colombia! specifically from Medellin.

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