The Metro

I started going to and coming home from work on the Metro again. It means a bit more walking but this is good. I actually save time compared with the Circular bus. It also is much more comfortable.

The Medellin Metro is a very modern, efficient and effective means of transportation. It is a light rail line that runs along the long axis of the city and the valley within which the city lies. It also has a perpendicular lateral serving the western part of the city and connects to two cable lines (the Metro Cable)  that provide service to higher areas on both the east and west sides of the valley. For about $US 0.75 you can ride the length of the line. The ride is smooth and quick.

The Metro Cable is fun and provides fantastic views of the city. There will soon be an eastward extension providing service to within about 2 km (1.25 miles) of our country place (finca). The walk from the station is through beautiful forest and rural areas. Now that will be nice. Seventeen minutes from the el Tambo station to the main Metro line.

People here love this service and do their best to treat it well. Between 0600 and 0700 the south bound trains are loaded. Even so people do their best to be polite and let people get on and off without excessive hassle.


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