Health Care: Susalud

We just finished up getting my 98 (99 at the end of October) year old mother covered under my health care policy from work. It took a long time but much of the delay was caused by us not filling out forms properly. Of course insurance companies are much the same every where. They don’t want to take on risk. Colombian law however, requires that they cover family members of folks who have insurance through their workplace.

The premium for this service is about $US 65.00 per month. This includes home care when necessary. Compared with the almost $US 500.00 per month we paid in San Diego and with no coverage for an elderly parent I am happy. Very happy!

BTW the name of the provider is Susalud and at this point I have to recommend them highly. The service they have provided me and my family has been very good.



  1. Italia said,

    August 27, 2011 at 10:54

    Hello! I have been reading all your past blogs and have learned plenty. Thanks you! I am new at the forum and I am trying to learn as much as possible since my plan is to eventually retire in Medellin. Would you mind sharing who your SuSalud representative is? what plan your mother was in? By the way since I am reading all of your blogs I did find out that your mother passed away and I would like for you to know that I offer my sincere symphaty.


    • pbunch said,

      September 25, 2011 at 08:30

      Thank you. Sorry to be slow to respond. I don’t recall who the rep is and have not found that to be particularly important. Perhaps I am missing out 🙂 My mother was a benefiicary under my plan form work. It is a POS plan. The provided in home hospice care during her final months. I am impressed.

      BTW: My wife was recently diagnosed with a colon cancer and is receiving very good treatment via SuSalud’s services. She is being treated by the oncology team at SOMA. They have an excellent reputation and our costs have been minimal.

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