Tres Cordilleras Micro Brewery

Last night we went to the Tres Cordilleras micro-brewery in the Pintuco district. Micro-brewing is just getting started in Colombia and Tres Cordilleras is our first experience with it in here. It was a good time and some good beer!

The company produces three ales ranging from the Mulata (amber) through the Mestiza (American Pale) to the very light Blanca (Wheat). All passed the test and I really liked the Mulata. It is hard to find beers other than the lagers produced by large breweries. Several of these are quite good but there is nothing like good ale.

The brewery is located in an industrial area at Calle 30 No. 44-177. There is a sign placed up high on the front of the building but none at eye level. The big iron loading door out front is flanked by a smaller glass door through which one enters. The stainless steel vats of the brewing operation line the right hand side of the walk way. The bar serving their products is upstairs.



For a fee of $COL 15,000 (about $US 7.50) you can buy a tour package on Thursdays between 5:00 PM and 9:30 PM that includes 5 tickets for beers. The tour is very good and is given in both Spanish and English. That’s a good deal.



The bar area is provided with tables made of 6-inch thick solid pieces of wood. Both tables for sitting and standing are available. I’m thinking they are going to need more tables before too long.
Last night the crowd was mostly young. We guessed an average age of around 28 or so. The feeling is friendly and upbeat with rock in both Spanish and English for atmosphere. The volume level allows conversation. People were mostly in mixed groups. It looked like a lot of after work socializing and friends getting together. Dress is mostly blue jeans, a few folks in dresses and slacks but casual is the way. We got there around 5:30 and stayed until about 9:00. I took a quick head count and there were about 60 people there at 8:30.The crowd grew slowly as time went by. As Colombians often eat and party late it probably grew after we left. The guy to gal ratio was about 60:40.


I like the place and will be going back.


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