Rainy Season


Here we are in mid-September and it looks like the rainy season is getting started. We had nice gentle rains the last two nights and right now we are having a good soaker. I’m glad to see it arrive! We will have to get some leaks in the roof fixed but the rains make Colombia a very green country.


The rains continued on and off throughout the day. Nice soaking rains that we have not seen since May. Talking with a cabbie on the way home we shared our appreciation for the liquid gold. He is from a country background. He understands that the rain is our wealth. We don’t eat without it.

In the mid-afternoon I went for a short walk. Everything was damp and smelled very fresh. It was cool and humid. Easy on the nose and skin. All the plants were the fresh green they attain only just after a good rain. Peace and abundance. Gentle fertility. May you be filled with loving kindness, may you be well.


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