Colombian Artists

There is a website which provides images of the work of some Colombian artists. It is welll worth a visit.


Cuts of Beef

I added a page with comparisons of cuts of beef between the States and Medellin. It includes some price information based on prices in one super market and the exchange rate for 22/10/2009.

“Horizontes” Francisco Antonio Cano

Much of what I love about Colombia is expressed in this painting by Francisco Cano. BTW: Horizontes is translated as Horizons.

News of Colombia in English

The following link provides access to many Colombian media outlets in both Spanish and English:

The Colombian Media in English page (see left hand column) is a compilation of sites I have found that provide news coverage in English. I am not filtering them so as is generally the case it is best to read several and triangulate.

Health Care System

I am scheduled for some minor surgery today. I continue to be impressed with the health care system here. During the lead up to the event I have had interviews with two surgeons and the anesthesiologist. The Clincia de Prado will do the work under my health insurance from work. They are very organized and have been helpful in all aspects. They provide a very good pre-surgery check list and it seems to cover all the bases. This is much better service than either my wife or I received in the States.

The major downside difference I see at this point is that one has to go to more than one institution during the process. First one goes the primary care group to get into the slipstream, then to the insurer for approval. Then a consultation with Surgeon 1. Then back to primary care for blood tests, etc. Next, a consultation with the clinics surgeon. Then back to the clinic to chat with the anesthesiologist. This could probably be made more efficient but as I said they cover the bases.


The surgery went well.

Rainy Season and Water Supply

Well it looks like the rains have now begun in earnest. We were expecting the season to start in September but that did not happen. That month was very dry and quite hot. This last week however has been rather wet and with any luck this will continue.

El Nino generally brings dry weather to large parts of the Colombia and this time is no different. It is anticipated that the southwestern portion of the country is likely to have water rationing in February. The September drought caused some problems for farmers up in the Santa Elena area and a lot of folks there were getting worried. Our well was getting very low and we had some touch and go days.

We should be getting hooked up to the municipal water system within the next few months. This will be good assuming the system was designed to handle drought years. I’m considering installing a reserve tank to handle any system problems that may occur.

A city water connection will definitely be an advantage health wise. Ours is a shallow well and while we have not had any significant problems yet such wells represent a risk factor. Fortunately there are no homes upstream of the take but this does not rule out animals as vectors. We have been using the hot water tank as a pasteurizer. This has worked well but at times a cold glass of water rather than tea or coffee would be welcome.

At the Metropolitan: October

The new schedule for programs in October can be found at their website.