At the Lido Theater

November’s program at the Lido Theater can be accessed here.

Last night we went to see the Antioquia Folkloric Ballet presentation “Colombia Viva”  at the Lido. Beautiful, colorful and lively. Music was provided by Tierra Adentro. This is a very good band and are worth seeing by themselves.  The folk ballet is a very enjoyable way to spend an evening and will give you a sense of how Colombian culture developed. You also will see the pride they take in their history and traditions.

People were lined up around at least 3 sides of the block waiting to get in! If you come to see one of their shows make it early. We arrived around 06:00 PM for an 07:00 PM performance and were two blocks from the door.

While standing in the line we struck up a conversation with a mother and daughter who also were waiting for the show.  Lovely people who typify the friendliness of most people here. If you speak some Spanish it is hard to be lonely in Medellin.

The Lido is a historic theater which was going to be torn down but was saved by the City. Now restored it is the home of diverse cultural offerings for which admission is free. It is located at the Parque Bolivar in the downtown area. We have seen several great productions there and I highly recommend checking out their offerings.


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