Colombia as Electricity Supplier

Colombia is developing the groundwork to become the leading supplier of electrical energy to the region. It currently supplies power to Venezuela and Ecuador. In September, sales to Venezuela reached 59.3 giga watts and 153 giga watts to Ecuador.  This in comparision to 14.9 and 78.4 giga watts respectively during the same month last year. Power production in both countries has been adversely affected by the dry weather associated with El Nino.

Plans are underway to include Panama among its customers. Eventually Colombia intends to provide power to other parts of Central America. Companies here also are beginning to license transmission lines in Peru, Brazil and Ecuador. Plans are being developed to install a submarine cable to supply the Dominican Republic with electricity.

 Although Hugo Chavez has restricted the importation of goods from Colombia and revenues have fallen by about 50%, Colombia continues to be a reliable energy supplier for the Venezuelan people. Even talk of preparing Venezuela for war with Colombia has not resulted in a change in policy. Similarly Colombia has been a faithful suppler for the Ecuadorean people while Evo Morales has repeatedly made relationships difficult after the Colombian incursion which took out a key FARC base in that country.  This kind of fidelity to its customers and the political maturity of the government will support Colombia’s bid to be the major player this component of regional development.

Factual information in this post is based on an article in El Colombiano published 22 November 2009:



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