Christmas With Family

We spent Christmas with family, a brother-and-law, his wife, kids and the boyfriend of his daughter. It may sound prosaic but this is one of things that I like about Colombia, family first. We ate a good rice and seafood plate, with bruchetta, and a tossed salad. The music was tropical dance tunes; salsa, cumbia, poros and more. We had a small bottle of Jonney Walker Red Label, one of Ron Medellin (very good local rum), one of Aguardiente Antioqueno., and several bottles of Tres Cordilleras beer. No one got drunk but everyone had a good, relaxed time.

We talked a lot about intuition, telepathy and how the brain works. The women defended concepts such as extra-normal knowledge of events like the death or illness of close friends and relatives. The guys mostly questioned how this could work. We were careful not to step on toes.

The younger generation is university educated as are most of the older members of the family in fields including Botany, Philosophy, and Engineering. None of us have high incomes but neither are we hurting.

We distributed a few simple gifts. I gave my sister-in-law a massage for a crick in the neck. Aches and pains are the same the world over. Love is the same the world over.

Although no one over indulged, folks went home in taxis. Phone calls affirmed everyone’s safe arrival, then off to bed for a good nights sleep. Prosaic, but these are simple things we did not have in the States. Not much family there.

I hope all of you had a good Christmas and were able to share it with family and good friends.


Carmina Burana at the Metropolitan Theater

Last night we attended a performance of the Carmina Burana at the Metropolitan Theater. It was a great production which down played several of the Springtime  and Tavern pieces in a way that set off  the final Fortuna  very nicely. Overall it was gentle in a way I have not previously heard.

The lighting was extremely good using well designed thematic projections on the high walls of the theater.

The Carmina Burana is very popular here in Colombia. The audience appreciated the performance and called the principles back three times. There was a lot of applause for the children’s choir whose contribution was professional. Sarah Cullins sang soprano parts nicely The baritone voice of  Camilo Mendoza is deep and rich.  

Leaving the theater we entered a December evening in Medellin. Lots of people in the street getting the Christmas season celebrations underway. Music everywhere. The Christmas lights display at the EPM Barefoot Park are great. Clear white lights in profusion covering the trunks of the trees, radiating up from the ground. The effect driving by was like looking into a forest of lights with the canopy a darkish cloud. I have to go back with the camara.

Columnea in Antioquia

I put up a page on the geographic and elevation ranges of Columnea (Gesneraceae) in Antioquia, Colombia. You can find it by scrolling down the list of pages on the left hand side of the screen.