Some Prices on Everyday Food Items

These are taken from this week’s flyer from Carrefour. The price in US dollars is based on an exchange rate of 1988 pesos per dollar.

White Rice 5 kg for 10,600 pesos or $5.36 dollars ($0.43/lb)

Brown Sugar 2.5 kg for 4690 pesos or 2.36 dollars ($0.43/lb)

Soy oil 3000 ml for 12,590 pesos or 6.33 dollars ($0.06/oz)

Olive Oil 1000 ml for 12,990 pesos or 6.53 dollars ($0.19/oz)

Quaker Instant Oatmeal 180 gr for 2490 pesos or 1.25 dollars ($0.20/oz)

Oreo Cookies 432 gr for 3990 pesos or 2.01 dollars ($0.13/oz)

Brown Eggs 30 each for 5890 pesos or 2.96 dollars ($0.10/egg)

White Bread 480 gr. for 1990 pesos or 1.00 dollar ($0.06/oz)


Clover Ice Cream in Prado Centro

I found a  nice little shop where ice cream, coffee and crepes are served. Clover Ice Cream is the name and  the address is Calle 66 No. 50B 23 in Prado Centro. This is  just a block and a half up from the Hospital Metro Station.

They offer a wide choice of ice cream sundaes, fruit salads, malts and both sweet and salty crepes. The decor is  bright, colorful and in good taste. The table cloths are a rich orange and contrast well with the green menus. Photos of ice cream dishes adorn the walls. The times I have been there the music was soft North American or British rock with some jazz mixed in. The service is friendly and effective. They also offer home delivery.

I think the quality of the food and coffees could be improved. They vary from oka bit less. This shop is however a welcome addition to the neighborhood. A place to stop after the commute home from work or any time your travels about town bring you to Prado Centro or the University of Antioquia. This is a relatively new business and they need support from the community  to make a go of it.