Chontaduro or Peach-Palm

Today while walking around the downtown area I ran into a guy selling chontaduras. These are known as peach palm fruit in English. He was selling a package of about 20 for 2000 pesos about US$ 1.00.  You can learn more about these at and 

I first tasted them in Costa Rica many years ago and immediately like them. There they are known as peyibaye. They have a rich flavor and mealy texture. I have always eaten them with salt but this vendor recommended a dab of honey. I´ll have to try that. The links above offer some information on the  nutritional characteristics of this fruit. They contain protein, high quality unsaturated oils, Vitamines A, C and B as well as other good things.

I was sure happy to find them. You see them around some here in Medellin but they are not as common as in Costa Rica. Apparently they are grown a lot along the Pacific Coast.


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