Quetzalcoatl ?

This figure is showing up in several places around Medellin. Does anyone know its significance? It also would be nice to know who the artist is. I have seen a signature of Lopez near one occurence but I am not sure if this is the artist and if it is who Lopez may be.

The image on the right was made on Calle 61 near Carrera 49.

The image to the left was found on Barranquilla (Calle 67) near the Hospital Metro Station. It is part of a panel of images painted on a wall built for the Metro Plus Project. There are politically  significant images related to the US and a king or emperor- like figure without cloths.  This  site is near the University of Antioquia and I strongly suspect this may have influenced the choice of images.

I have seen this figure portrayed as outline drawings at two location on Giradot. One just north of Ayacucho and another further south. I would be interested in knowing about others.


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