I have started walking between Conquistadores and Prado Centro for exercise. The other day I did it early in the morning and went down Junin to San Juan and west across the river. This afternoon I came down San Juan to Oriental and then North to Prado Centro. This route takes one past the Alpujarra. This is the Administrate Center for both the Departmental and City governments. It is a well designed complex of buildings and public spaces. It also passes the EPM building. There are a number of potential routes to choose from so one can enjoy something a bit different most days of the week.

This walk is about 4.6 kilometers. In the cool of the morning it really is very pleasant. The exercise also helps start the day off well. Walking it in the afternoon is good as it melts the tensions that develop through the day. It is however a lot warmer.  I have said it before, Medellin is  a great city for a lot of reasons. Its compactness makes this kind of walk easy to fit into ones routine.


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