A Visit to the Guatape-El Peñol Area

Looking toward the el Peñol monolith from about two miles away.

We went out the the Guatape-El Peñol area over the weekend to visit a very good friend. This is located east of Medellin near eastern slopes of the Central Cordillera. The level of the reservoir is at about 1800 meters.  The terrain drops off steeply to the Magdalena River Valley just  beyond the range of hills in the background. The climate here is a bit cooler than Medellin but is very pleasant.

Look at the monolith in the upper left side of the image. It is really big. This photo was taken from a spot a couple of miles way.

If you have not visited the area make a point of going out there. There are plenty of accommodations available and lots of things to do. You can get there by bus from the Northern Bus Terminal in Medellin for  $COP 9,000. This is a bit more than $US 4.50 at today´s exchange rate.

We did not expect it but the weekend turned into several days of sailing on the lake. Our friend´s family has several lots in the area and one of the family units is into water sports big time. When we were not out on the water we were hanging out  at different homes getting to know the folks in this constellation. Very nice people and likely to become part of our circle of friends.


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