Francisco Cano Exhibit

We went to see the Francisco Cano exhibit at the Museo de Antioquia yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it as did my wife and a friend who went with us.

It is interesting to see a representative sample of the work of an artist´s lifetime in one exhibition. I had only seen a few of his best known paintings. This exhibit brings him to life as a professional who worked and developed over the years.

His landscapes show a Medellin radically different from today´s city. A couple of small canvases of La Playa illustrate a country scene with pastures along a rustic creek. Today la Playa is strictly urban habitat of steel and concrete and the stream serves as a storm drain beneath the street. Change made manifest.

I also was impressed by a painting of a fruit seller with a group of school girls in pinafores and other dresses that must be from the early 1900´s. They are pictured beneath a large tree with the sellers wares spread before her. If you changed the dresses of the school girls the scene could be from today. Somethings change slowly.

It was exciting to see Horizontes in person. I have seen many reproductions of it which are nice but the actual painting glows. Looking at this work amid the others I get the feeling that there was a great deal inside Cano which he never expressed in paintings. The power of this image, at least to me, surpasses all the rest of his works. I just wonder what else was there that we never will see.

If you want to see it go soon as it ends on 04 April.


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