What do you do when there are no roads to your village and your mission is to see that the kids have an opportunity to learn and expand their horizons. Bring in the Biblioburro. This is a very creative solution to a serious problem and to me a beautiful one. This is the bookmobile that goes where the Hummer fears to tread.

Biblioburro is the creation of of Luis Soriano, a primary school teacher at la Gloria, Colombia. Transportation is provided by Alfa y Beto, the two members of the logistics team. Biblioburrro arrives in the village on weekends when Mr. Soriano is not teaching his regular classes!

This is a classic example of development as opposed to growth. Improved quality of life without a significant increase in the the throughput of materials and energy. The growth mindset would have built a four-lane to the village. Thank you Mr. Soriano.

If you did not notice the link words above please click here to see images of Biblioburro.


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