Cultural Events in Medellin During 2010

The following is a partial list of cultural events coming up during 2010. It is far from complete but reflects those directly sponsored by the City.

27 March to 04 April: City of Religious Art and Culture

15 April to 08 May XIII International Zarzuela Season Spanish Operetta

16 April to 02 May: XIX International Marionette Festival by La Fanfarria

29 May to 07 June: XVIII Porro Festival

01 July to 05 July: III Congress of Latin American Culture 2010

21 June: Music Fiesta

24 June to 27 June: International Tango Festival

08 July to 17 July: XX International Poetry Festival

19 July to 24 uly: IX “José María Bravo Márquez” Coral Festival

July 20: Colombia´s Bicentennial Celebration

30 July to 08 August: Flower Festival (Feria de las Flores)

07 August: Parade of the the Flower Bearers (Silleteros)

23 August to 28 August: VIII Colombian Film Festival

Agosto 28 to 04 September: VI Scenic Arts Festival

10 September to 19 September: Book and Culture Fiesta

09 September to 18 September: XIV Medellin´s International Festival of jazz and World Music

04 October to 10 October: IX Medellin´s Colombian Theater Festival

09 October to 18 October: Vacations in Medellin (Students Vacation Week)

11 October to 15 October: VII Biennial Latin American Exhibition of Architecture and City Planning – BIAU

14 October to 23 October: V International Festival “Medellín you are full of magic”

16 October to 18 October: ALTAVOZ International Music Festival

20 October to 24 October: Medellin´s V International Festival of Film for Children and Young People.

26October to 29 October: VIII International Festival of Colombian Chamber Music

29 October 01 November: Center City Days

29 October to 30 October: Festiafro Afro-Colombian Music Festival

20 november to 28 November: XIIIInternational Mimes and Clowns Festival- MIMAME

03 December to 11 January 2011: Christmas Lights Fiesta

04 December: Welcome to the Christmas Season (Comparsas y Faroles)

07 December: Myths and Legends Parade


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