18th Festival of The Theater in the City of Itagui

The City of Itagui, a suburb of Medellin, is presenting its 18th theater festival between 02 May and 06 May. The venues are La Montaña Que Piensa in the Vereda El Pedregal, Sector Cacique and, the Auditorio Cultural del Sur located at Carrera 50A 37-85 in Itagui.

02 May

Dicha y Desdicha de la Niña Conchita

With: Teatro Matacandelas

At: La Montaña Que Piensa

Time: 7:00 PM

03 May

Dicha y Desdicha de la Niña Conchita

With: Teatro Matacandelas

At: La Montaña Que Piensa

Time: 5:00 and 7:00 PM

La Orgia

With: Fractal Teatro

At: Auditorio Cultural del Sur

Time: 7:30 PM

04 May

Cuentos de Javier

With: Sol y Luna

At: La Montaña Que Piensa

Time: 7:00 PM

La Sangre mas Transparente

With: Caja Negro Teatro

At: Auditorio Cultural del Sur

Time: 7:30 PM

05 May


Corporación Teatral Cenizas

At: Auditorio Cultural del Sur

Time: 7:30 PM

06 May

La Epopeya de un Soldado

With: Corporación la Tartana

At: Auditorio Cultural del Sur

Time: 7:30 PM


Teatro Pablo Tobon Uribe

05 May 2010

The theater has posted one event to date. This is a memorial performance of works by the poet Mario Benedetti. The poems as set to music will be sung by the soprano Tere Estrada F  with Felix Cordoba on the piano. Poems will be read by Cristina Restrepo R.

19 May 08:00 PM

02 May 2010

Still nothing on the May line up.

30 April 2010

We were out for a walk down town and decided to work our way up la Playa heading east of the down town area. When we got up to Carrera 40 we found the Teatro Pablo Tobon Uribe. This is a vintage theater which was the principal venue in Medellin prior to the construction of the Metropolitan. They continue to provide very high quality entertainment.

As this is the end of the month the program for May has not yet been posted either at the theater or on the website. I will keep an eye out and post it when it shows up.

Meanwhile you can see the theater’s main web page here, and a location map here .

Blooming In Late April

Blooming in late April in Medellin

Cattleya warszewiczii

We picked up a bunch of Cattleya starts from a vendor in the Parque Bolivar about two years ago. I guess two years from a division is not an excessive amount of time but it seems like forever. Anyway this one started blooming for the first time last week. It appears that this is Cattleya warszewiczii.

At the Lido 22 April through 25 April 2010

Performances at the Lido are free of charge. This is a great service provided by the City. The Lido is located at the Parque Bolivar near the Metropolitan cathedral in the center city area.

Thursday 22 April 1600

Videos of the Medellin’s center city.

Friday 23 April 1900

Dance: Astrotango presents “Fragmentos”

Saturday 24 April 1800

Music: Concert by the Medellin Philharmonic Orchestra

Sunday 25 April 1100

Music: Concert by the Network of Music Schools of Medellin.

Planting Potatoes

11 April 2010

Well I got those spuds in the ground yesterday afternoon. Afterward we had a nice long gentle rain which was just the ticket. Most of what I planted was papa criolla and I did get around 6 pieces of capria ( a red  somewhat similar to red rose) planted.

I also weed-whacked a lot of kikuyu grass which is invading our place from a neighbors lawn. I need to keep it down until the next dry season when I can hit it with the glypsofato ( Roundup). This herbicide needs 6 hours on the weed before it rains. Not likely during the wet season here.  I don’t like to use chemicals unless necessary. Kikuyu makes it necessary!  This invasion has reduced the biodiversity in our meadow significantly. We almost lost the fireflies. They are a part of this finca I just don’t want to lose.

10 April 2010

Last week I prepared a plot for potatoes at the finca. I started working on this area a couple of years ago but due to my lack of experience with these soils I had little success. Last year I let it go fallow and the kikuyu grass moved in with a vengeance. Over the last month or so I have been killing and removing kikuyu. Last week I added a small amount of lime and a 15-15-15 fertilizer. These soils are very acidic. This fertilizer has a urea base and will need to be supplemented with nitrate when the plants start to grow. I´m going to try to get chicken manure but getting it to the finca is difficult as there is no road onto the place.

Last night I cut up the seed potatoes. They are drying well and will be ready tomorrow. I probably should have had them in the ground 2 or three weeks ago but that did not happen.

In addition to regular potatoes I am planting papa lisa or ulluco at the finca. This is one of the ancient crops of the Andes. It is popular in southern Colombia but is used very little in Antioquia. I planted a few about two months ago but they have grown little due to the dry weather. More will go in today.

The Rains Have Begun

24 April 2010

This past week has been very warm and dry again. Most of the climate modeling suggests that the el Niño condition will end during the Northern Hemisphere summer and NOAA seems to be pretty sure about that now. I for one will be pleased to see the normal rains again.

The rainy season has started in earnest now. This past week has been very wet with rain most days. Several afternoons and evenings brought heavy downpours. The humidity is up a lot. This past dry season was intense and lasted longer than normal. Generally in mid-March there is a distinct increase in rainy weather. This year we had a couple of wet days but no where near enough.

NOAA has indicated that the el Niño should last only through this northern hemisphere summer. That would put us on track for a normal rainy season between October and December.