Teatro Pablo Tobon Uribe

05 May 2010

The theater has posted one event to date. This is a memorial performance of works by the poet Mario Benedetti. The poems as set to music will be sung by the soprano Tere Estrada F  with Felix Cordoba on the piano. Poems will be read by Cristina Restrepo R.

19 May 08:00 PM

02 May 2010

Still nothing on the May line up.

30 April 2010

We were out for a walk down town and decided to work our way up la Playa heading east of the down town area. When we got up to Carrera 40 we found the Teatro Pablo Tobon Uribe. This is a vintage theater which was the principal venue in Medellin prior to the construction of the Metropolitan. They continue to provide very high quality entertainment.

As this is the end of the month the program for May has not yet been posted either at the theater or on the website. I will keep an eye out and post it when it shows up.

Meanwhile you can see the theater’s main web page here, and a location map here .


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