Propose Expat Get Together in April

I would like to propose a get together here in Medellin on the first Sunday in April at the botanical gardens. There should be a Mercado Verde (similar to a framers market) that day. In any case hanging out in the patio adjacent to the In Situ restaurant for a coffee, beer or what ever and an opportunity to build social capital here in Medellin can’t be all bad.

The Mercado Verde starts at 9:00 AM and goes through 5:00 PM. How about meeting at 1:30 PM?
If you are interested please make a comment on this note.


Welcome to No Labels Members

Welcome to my friends from No Labels. Have a look around and let me know what you think.

For all others, if you are not familiar with No Labels, it is an important US political movement encouraging politicians to “stop fighting and start fixing” the problems the nation is facing. Please visit the No Labels site if you would like to learn more.

Expat Get Together

We are planning an expat get together at the botanical gardens in early April. We would like to coordinate it with the Mercado Verde which should happen on the first Sunday. If your interested drop me a comment or check out the discussion on the Expat Blog site.

Back in the Saddle

I was up in the States for the last three months and did not have any real content for the blog. I’m back in town now and I should be getting some new material up soon. We are going out to Heliconia for a day trip this upcoming weekend and that should provide some good material. For now it is up to the finca where we are waiting for broadband service to be installed ­čÖé