Vegan/Vegeterian Food In Medellin

I am moving in the direction of removing animal products from my diet for health and environmental reasons. I just found the Happy Cow site which lists and reviews vegetarian eateries worldwide. Here is their page for Medellin (click here).


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  1. pbunch said,

    October 3, 2011 at 13:50

    I have now tried two of the restaurants mentioned at happy Cow. Govinda’s at the Old Veracruz church downtown and near the Museo de Antioquia. Good food, nothing to write home about but good quality. plenty and worth a return visit. Lunch was $US3.88. I can live with that šŸ™‚

    Also tried El Palo on of course el palo about a half block north of la playa. Food also good and worth a return visit. They also have a store with a lot of great vegetarian/vegan products. I got some gluten prepared in different ways and they have a nice selection of quick foods like veggie burgers, sausage etc. I had a squash soup, brown rice mix, egg plant with gluten “meaty sorta stuff”, A chop suey sorta thing, glass of jamica juice and a cookie. Generous servings and all for 8,300 pesos ( $US 4.30 at the exchange rate of $US1929 per peso). Really not bad anyway ya cut it.

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