To Catch a Theif

I took my wife to a doctors appointment this morning at the downtown Clinica de Medellin. Just prior to entering the building we heard a lot of shouting coming from the Avianida Oriental about half a block up the street. People we saying, “Catch him.” “Stop him.” “Thief!”

For a short space of time the calls became louder and more frequent. Then they dropped off and changed to”That’s it.” “Way to go!” They caught him.

This was a petty street crime and not uncommon in any city. I have only seen a few similar situations here in Medellin in the nearly 4 years I have been living here. All of them were resolved by direct citizen intervention. All of the resulted in the police being called to handle the matter once the criminal was apprehended. This is a matter of civic pride.

It is good to live in a city where people care about street crime and are willing to get involved to stop it. I am very proud of Medellin and its crime stopping citizens.


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