El Palazzetto D’ Italia Real Italian Food Downtown

I want to share another of our long time favorite restaurants in the downtown area, El Palazzetto D’ Italia. They serve a broad range of delicious Italian dishes with a genuine old country flavor. The second story location raises you above the hustle and bustle of the busy downtown streets and the carefully designed space is tasteful, warm, and welcoming. I always feel relaxed and at home when we dine there. In addition to the regular dinner service their Tea Room (Salon de Te) is open from 3 PM to 7 PM.

Rather than spend a lot of words on the details of their menu and pricing I refer you to their online menu. The last time we were  there I had the fettuccine with pesto. Nubia enjoyed the Cottoleta Parmigiana. Both were very well prepared and the servings were generous to say the least. I normally eat a lot but my fettuccine plate was the junior size and I was quite satisfied.  Nubia’s cottoleta was HUGE!  It came with the salad bar which had a very good selection of items. Nubia chose potato salad, hard-boiled eggs, red bell peppers and pickles. With juice and a glass of the house wine we got out of there for $COP 49,700. At today’s exchange rate (1909 COPs per dollar) that come out to about $US26.00. That is a great price for the atmosphere, good service and tasty meal

El Palazzetto D’ Italia is located at  Calle 54# 43 – 102. (Caracas). The restaurant is on the second floor and the entrance to the stairs is just a few steps to the east of el Palo. There are parking lots near by if you drive and several bus routes pass along el Palo. They may be reached by phone at 239 65 72  and via their excellent website.

Be sure to check out their recipe of the month. It is details like this that speak to the quality of the establishment!

I love this place!


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  1. pbunch said,

    January 20, 2012 at 15:45

    Just had lunch here again. They have put up a sigh indicating they have WI-FI service available. BTW lunch was great. I had fettuccine with pesto and Nubia had frutos del Mar (sea food on fettuccine.) The junior plate I had was plenty for me.

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