English Practice in Medellin

I am pleased to announce a new blog, English Practice in Medellin. It is dedicated to assisting Spanish speakers improve their use of English by providing a safe practice space. If you are interested in participating either as a native English speaker or as learner please visit us at English Practice in Medellin.


News of Colombia in English

The following link provides access to many Colombian media outlets in both Spanish and English:


The Colombian Media in English page (see left hand column) is a compilation of sites I have found that provide news coverage in English. I am not filtering them so as is generally the case it is best to read several and triangulate.






Street Vendors Learning English

The following is a note from RCN News via Twitter:

ColombiaNews Street vendors from Medellin are receiving English lessons so they can give a better attention to their costumers…. http://bit.ly/Gw7f7

Magic Jack

Nubia picked up a gizmo (Magic Jack) while she was in Florida which allows us to make phone calls as if we had a local number in our US area code. It is great becuse we can call all US numbers for about $US 20.00 per year. Folks there can call us as if making a normal call from their area code. One costs $40.00 and includes one year of service.

Internet Service

I am finding that UNE provides very poor email service. They time-out sessions much too quickly and there are frequent periods when one cannot connect.

Thier DSL connection service is pretty good. It could be faster.