Return to Colombia?

It appears that many people who left Colombia during the past years of violence are beginning to return. This based on friends who went to the States and now are deciding to come back home. Not a demographically valid sample but it appears to be trend. Colombians generally love Colombia and if they live somewhere else, they don’t forget home.


Rain, Tiles and Cats

Well the rain was great. Just one small problem, semi-feral cats. The critters move the roof tiles around and then leaks develop. Cats of this nature are not appreciated in Medellin. In fact a friend who was visiting last night discussed the use of a 16-gauge to deal with the problem.

Personally I like cats and would not resort to leaden soultions but I am going to have to do something about them.

Any suggestions?

Nice Rainy Evening

Rain tonight and it is welcome during the “dry” season! This week has been damp with several good rains. The weeks prior had been quite warm and dry.

Being from Southern California never really got enough rain. I love this climate!


The preschool/day care a couple of doors down from the office is staging a parade complete with their own drum corp. The street is full of proud parents. Makes one smile…

About 1020 it started raining. Do I need to say it?