Cedula Hang Up, Meet the Contraseña!

If you are living here on a visa or will be soon you should be aware that the function of processing some paperwork has shifted from the old DAS organization to the Interior Ministry. The change is causing some delays. The issuance of your cedula or national ID card is one of these. I applied for mine the day I received my new visa in November and did not get my ID until this week. The specified waiting period is six weeks 🙂 What I received is a temporary ID, referred to as the Contraseña.  The cedula will be issued in June or July.

I will admit of having been worried and a bit frustrated. I can however understand that when a function passes from one bureaucracy to another processes can get bogged down. If you have waited, this is most likely why you are experiencing a delay.


Clarification of Immigration Services

The Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores will assume responsibility for visas, cedulas de extranjeria and other paper work directly affecting non-Colombians.During the transition you can process you documents at he DAS offices in Medellin  at calle 19A # 30 A – 40 Barrio Belén la Nubia.

This is what the ministry’s web site says:

2. Durante este proceso de transición, el DAS  en supresión, en coordinación con Migración Colombia, prestará con normalidad los servicios de extranjería (expedición de documentos: cédulas de extranjería, prórrogas, certificados judiciales, salvoconductos, certificaciones y registro de visas) en los mismos horarios y lugares donde se venían adelantando estos trámites por parte del DAS.  http://www.cancilleria.gov.co/news/publiques/node/1535


Breaking News: Santos Liquidates DAS

The President signed an order this afternoon liquidating DAS. The main effect on tourists and non-Colombian residents will be a change of agencies handling visas. This was announced about 1/2 hour ago so I don’t know where these will be issued yet. Will report when I know.