Columnea in Antioquia

I put up a page on the geographic and elevation ranges of Columnea (Gesneraceae) in Antioquia, Colombia. You can find it by scrolling down the list of pages on the left hand side of the screen.



I found a couple of Streptocarpus plants at a street fair several months ago. I wanted to see how they do here in Medellin. Turns out they do very well. I got a bunch of seeds from one last week and planted them. They are starting to germinate now. It looks like the germination rate will be near +90%. Great plant for this area. A friend told me they also do well at elevations similar to those at the finca (2400 meters.)


The seedlings were up and green as of Monday 28/09.

Kohleria spicata?

I posted a picture of what I think is Kohleria spicata on the Gesneriads page. Also a note about it to the gesneriphiles list.

If you like these plants and are not a member of the list I highly recommend joining up. Great people including some of the worlds most knowledgeable experts.