Voting From Abroad

If you are an US citizen and wish to take part in the upcoming Federal election here is a site that will help you do so. State and local elections are a little different but if it is to your advantage you can generally vote for those candidates and issues. Be sure to read the Myths and Facts About Voting From Abroad pages.

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Breaking News: Santos Liquidates DAS

The President signed an order this afternoon liquidating DAS. The main effect on tourists and non-Colombian residents will be a change of agencies handling visas. This was announced about 1/2 hour ago so I don’t know where these will be issued yet. Will report when I know.

Medellin’s Adult Homeless Program

Medellin is developing a program designed to provide assistance to the adult homeless. It has six main components:

  • Attention in the Street: concentrating on parts of the city where they frequently congregate. This includes community awareness and education programs as well as hot lines too identify people in need of help.
  • Centers for Attention: to basic social and therapeutic needs as well as motivation to improve their situation. These centers also provide linkages to other services.
  • Resocialization and Social Inclusion: Strives to get people better connected with family, the community and the world of work using therapy and education.
  • Community: Educates the community at large about how the program works.
  • Attention to Institutional Opportunities: Receives, identifies, diagnoses and refers with follow up, people who enter the system as indigents, with physical illnesses, those who are convalescing, or dieing.
  • Adult Homeless Attention Unit: Assists people who for reasons of physical or mental deterioration are unable to develop a family life or cannot integrate socially and who are a danger to themselves or others.

For information you can call the following numbers: 514-2184, 511-1821, or 514-1722. You can also call the 123 hotline and their email is

I encourage everyone to become familiar with the program and help make this a community effort for the betterment of life in Medellin.



Welcome to No Labels Members

Welcome to my friends from No Labels. Have a look around and let me know what you think.

For all others, if you are not familiar with No Labels, it is an important US political movement encouraging politicians to “stop fighting and start fixing” the problems the nation is facing. Please visit the No Labels site if you would like to learn more.