News of Colombia in English

The following link provides access to many Colombian media outlets in both Spanish and English:

The Colombian Media in English page (see left hand column) is a compilation of sites I have found that provide news coverage in English. I am not filtering them so as is generally the case it is best to read several and triangulate.


Street Vendors Learning English

The following is a note from RCN News via Twitter:

ColombiaNews Street vendors from Medellin are receiving English lessons so they can give a better attention to their costumers….

News of Colombia in English

The newspaper El Colombiano has an English news service. There is a good story on folkart at the bottom of the page today.

Colombian Media in English

Both newspaper and television feeds are available from Colombian media in English.  I will be providing additional links as I find them.

Here in Medellin, Berta Villa of the newspaper El Colombiano provides local and national news stories in the Global Newsroom.

The RCN network provides television coverage in English.