Current Status

I am no longer living in Medellin. My wife developed a cancer in 2011 and we moved back to San Diego in February 2013. She died in May of that year and I just don’t have the heart to go back alone.  I still love Medellin and all my friends and family there but I doubt if I will return any time soon.


Teatro Lido July 2012

Here is  link to the free programing at he the Teatro Lido during July 2012. If you are not familiar with this theater all performances are paid for by the City of Medellin. It is located on the southeast corner of the Parque Bolivar downtown. That’s that plaza in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral.




Breaking News: Santos Liquidates DAS

The President signed an order this afternoon liquidating DAS. The main effect on tourists and non-Colombian residents will be a change of agencies handling visas. This was announced about 1/2 hour ago so I don’t know where these will be issued yet. Will report when I know.

Cafam Pharmacy at the San Antonio Exito

Consider carefully prior to purchasing from these people. I bought a package of Colypan from them and it turned out to be the wrong size. Their return policy does not allow them to return cash so I ended up paying 70,000 pesos (approximately $US 39) for a prescription that should have been around 26,000 pesos (approximately $US 14.50).  If I went there more frequently I would have taken a credit but that would not serve my needs. I should mention that I did not see any notification of their return policy.

The clerk was polite and I have no problem with her. I have sent a communication to the Exito chain as the Contact function at Cafam’s web site is not functional.

Be warned. Also please let your friends and acquaintances know about this policy.

Odd Weather In Medellin

The last couple of weeks here in Medellin have been rather dry, especially for May during la Niña. The rest of the country continues to get hammered by excessive rain and the flooding is very bad. More than 3 million people have been adversely affected.

Expats At The Mecado Verde This Afternoon

See you at the patio outside the In Situ restaurant in the Botanic Gardens. We will be there at 1:30 PM after checking out around the Mercado Verde.

Expat Get Together at the Botanical Gardens TOMORROW!!

Expat get together at the Botanical Gardens here in Medellin tomorrow. Come to the patio outside the In Situ restaurant for coffee, drinks and the Mercado Verde. We will be there at 1:30 PM. Tell all the gringos you know! If you have not been to the Mercado Verde it is a great opportunity to buy some really high quality food items that are difficult to find elsewhere.

See ya there…

Expat Get Together

We are planning an expat get together at the botanical gardens in early April. We would like to coordinate it with the Mercado Verde which should happen on the first Sunday. If your interested drop me a comment or check out the discussion on the Expat Blog site.

Back in the Saddle

I was up in the States for the last three months and did not have any real content for the blog. I’m back in town now and I should be getting some new material up soon. We are going out to Heliconia for a day trip this upcoming weekend and that should provide some good material. For now it is up to the finca where we are waiting for broadband service to be installed 🙂

The Best Coffee Downtown

We have been drinking coffee at different locations around Medellin for several years now. Recently we discovered the De Lolita shop in the Villanueva Shopping Center. They get my vote for the best coffee in the downtown area. Anyone have other candidates?

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