As of 05/08/2009 the associated pages on specific types of transportation are being written. I have posted the page on buses as it provides some limited but possibly useful information on three bus lines I use.

Metropolitan and Regional Terrestrial Travel

Public Transportation

For me using public transportation is a priority for a number of reasons.

  • Medellin’s streets are congested and the last thing we need is another vehicle to make them worse.
  • The use of private vehicles may result in a disproportionate contribution to global climate change.
  • Medellin’s public transportation system is well developed and one really does not need a car.

For transport within the City and to most nearby areas my preferred options are:

  • bus,
  • taxi and
  • the Metro.

All are relatively inexpensive, convenient and environmentally superior to private vehicles. While there are places one might want to go and things one might want to do that are not well served by public transit they are relatively few.  Bicycles are an alternative to public transport and are discussed under private vehicles.

Private Vehicles

People here drive cars, trucks and motorcycles. Bicycles also are used to some extent. The main advantages of individual transport are flexibility and convenience.  To me the traffic snarls and limitation on private use out weight the advantages.  Bicycles vulnerable to the somewhat chaotic nature of local traffic but can be used with care.

Air Travel

Two airports serve Medellin. The Oalya Herrera Airport is located within the city and only provides transporation to other locations within Colombia.  A Google Map for this airport may be useful.

The Jose Maria Cordoba Airport is located east of Medellin in Rionegro.  Jose Maria Cordoba handles both national and international traffic. These links are written in English.

If you will be taking a flight be sure to let the driver know which airport you need to get to. They are far apart and a mistake could make you miss your flight. Cab fare to Oalya Herrera should be between 3600 and about 15000 pesos depending on how far away you are. The standard fare to Jose Maria Cordoba is 50,000 pesos (a bit more than US$ 25 in August of 2009). Please note the exchange rate varies.

Note: In the future I will expand the transportation section but for now I will leave it as is.


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