Taxis in Medellin are inexpensive at least in comparison with cost in San Diego, California. I have found most drivers to be honest and helpful. There are a few who might try to take you all around Robin-hoods Barn for a few extra pesos but they seem to be the exception. Many are trying to learn enough English to work with tourists. If you don’t speak any Spanish it helps if you can show a written copy of the address you want to get to. Write it out carefully as mixing up calles and carreteras will end up in a mess.

Official Rates for 2009

My conversion to dollars is based on an exchange rate of 2000 pesos/dollar.

Flag Drop: 1900 pesos (about $US 0.95)

Per 85 meters: 72 pesos (about $US 0.036) This is about $US 0.68/mile

One minute wait time: 72 pesos (about $US 0.036)

Minimum fare: 3600 pesos (about $US 1.80)

Hourly rate: 22,000 pesos (about $US 11.00/hour)

To International Airport: 50,000 pesos ($US 25.00)

The fare to the airport is not bad considering the distance.

There is an association of taxi drivers based in Rionegro that has reduced rates to the international airport.  They are called the Asociacion de Conductores del Oriente Antioqueño. The phone number is 261-1616. When we went up there in August 2009 it cost us 40,000 pesos or about $US 20.00. These rates are only TO the airport, not back. They start service a 04:00 AM.


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