Medellin has a wealth of restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes. Those listed below include a small selection most of which we have eaten at more than once.  The list is minimal right now but check back as I add new locations.


Fenicia is a Lebanese restaurant located on Avenida Jardin in the Laureles neighborhood. Nubia and I go there frequently. If you enjoy middle eastern cooking I do not hesitate to recommend it when you are in Medellin. There are both patio and inside dining areas. On warm evenings the patio is very pleasant. The service is average or a bit better.

Click the name above and you can inspect a partial menu. Although in Spanish the names of most of the dishes are Lebanese. If you are familiar with middle eastern cuisine you will recognize most of them. I like the Mixto Especial which is a sampler plate with a nice variety of dishes. The last time we were there we had some shisk kabobs made with fillet mignon (solomito). They we so good we ordered more. I have yet to be disappointed.


This is a small place on 33rd just past the first pedestrian bridge after crossing the river in the west bound direction. This is a luinch place with only 6 tables. The decor is minimal with a few original, if a bit amateurish, still lifes for the walls. The cooking is basically home style with occasional pleasant surprises.

The menu includes two basic offerings.  A Plato Tipico for 7500 pesos (US$ 3.75) and a daily special for 6500 pesos (US$ 3.25). Both are served with juice which may be guava, blackberry, tree tomato, pineapple or one of several others fruits depending on what is at hand.

The tipico is pretty good with rice, cargamanto beans, a slice of fried cooking banana, a  small chorizo sausage,  a small piece of blood sausage (morcilla),  fried fresh bacon (chicaharron), and salad. The rice is topped with a fried egg.  This is plenty for lunch! I eat this plate frequently and Zoha’s is a good deal for the price. There are apparently random days when they don’t prepare the tipico.

The daily special includes soup, your choice of meat, rice, a side dish which may be potatoes, yuca and/or vegetables and a salad. The other day it included potatoes sprinkled with sesame seeds. and soup made with guineo cooking bananas.  Very good.

Service at Zoha is rapid and friendly. The staff is young and does a good job.  I have been eating lunch there on occasion for about a year. I have never been dissatisfied with the  food or the service. If you are in the Conquistadores area and want a quick inexpensive lunch Zoha is a good choice.


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