Climate and Weather

This page will contain material on the climate here in Medellin and in Colombia. It also will have weather observations and other information for the Medellin area.

Medellin Area Weather



The Medellin metropolitan area is located at elevations between about 1500 meters (4920 feet) to about 1600 meters (5250 feet). As a result the climate here is mild and has been compared to late spring in the temperate zones.  As in most tropical areas the daily temperature range exceeds the annual range. Nights generally drop down into the low 60’s F (around 16 C). Highs are generally in the mid 80’s F (29.5 C). During rainy weather a high around 80 F (26.6) is typical. Dry sunny periods are often warmer with temperatures getting up to around 87 to 88 F (30.5 to 31 C).

The record high is 91 F (33 C) while the record low is 50 F (10 C.) Temperatures approaching theses records are rare.


The typical yearly cycle consists of two rainy periods and two dry periods. The major rainy period starts some time in September and extends through about the first half of November. A second generally lighter rainy season occurs between April and early June. The dry season between December and March is more intense than that centered on July.

The average annual precipitation is higher in the southern part of the metropolitan area. I don’t have the range at hand just now but the average is around 1700 mm or 67 inches.  Most of this falls during thunder storms. Long soaking rains are less common.

During El Niño events rainfall decreases substantially while La Niña brings much higher rainfall.


The relative humidity ranges between about 50% and 70%.


NOAA’s weather conditions at the Jose Maria Cordoba Airport near Rionegro. This airport is located at about 2058 meters (6752 feet) and temperatuures are cooler than one finds in Medellin. The Medellin area is at about 1500 meters or about 4920 feet.  Temperatures at Rionegro are pretty typical for the are refered to as El Oriente, the area east of Medellin.

Rionego also tends to get more rain than Medellin.

Weather Satellite Sites

15 minute Rain Rate for Colombia and the Caribbean  Blended IR & Passive Microwave (PMW) Instantaneous Rain (Thanks to the US Navy)

3 hour Averaged Rain Rate for Colombia and the Caribbean (Thanks to the US Navy)


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